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Our company is dedicated to empowering real estate companies with breathtaking aerial photography and empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to fly drones. click the button below to kickstart your drone piloting journey or use our services today.


About Me

I am David, a drone piloting expert and technologist with over half a decade experience.

David Opateyibo is a USA certified drone pilot and technologist with over half a decade experience spanning across, drone procurement and assembly, custom drone builds, maintenance and piloting services.


With over 200 hrs logged, He has worked across various industries ranging from Real estate, Telecomms, Energy, Topographical survey and Oil $ Gas to mention a few.

In line with his passion and expertise he founded this company Dronerios which is currently on a mission to equip the next generation of tech giants and providing 21st century aerial solutions to problems in the aviation industry that will help put Africa on the map.


Our courses

Here’s a list of our courses that would help you with your drone piloting and business related problems in the drone piloting industry.


What my students say about the courses