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About Our Founder/CEO

Meet David, a USA certified drone pilot and drone technologist with over 5 years of experience...

My Skill
Aerial Survey and Mapping 98%
Real Estate Photography and Cinematography 87%
Asset Inspection 80%
Construction Management: 90%
Agricultural Mapping and Crop dusting 85%

His experience spans across Drone Assembly, procurement, Maintenance and Piloting services tailored to help businesses scale above board by going airborne.

With over 150hrs logged flying hrs and counting, David has worked across various industries with operations ranging across oil and gas , Aerial survey for public assets and construction companies, airport operations and many others both within the public and private sector.


He is currently the Maintenance manager and a UAV operator for one of the topmost drone company in Africa while still building his educational brand known as Dronerios targeted at helping newbies, enthusiasts and professional start right and develop the necessary skillsets needed to become professional and proficient pilots via digital contents.

He is currently working on different other drone projects aimed at serving the African market that will come to the limelight soon and put Africa on the map as far as indigenous solutions is concerned.

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About Dronerios

Our Mission

To Train and develop safety conscious professionals in the drone space and Build a community of like minded individuals who share the same culture and values needed to put Africa on the map as far Drone Technology is concerned.

Our Vision

To be the number 1 drone information/education platform in Africa in the next 10years.

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